Saturday, November 10, 2012

Why I migrated from Pair NIC to GoDaddy

I was using Pair NIC for my domains. However, I had to migrate to another and finally chose GoDaddy due to the following reasons.

The foremost reason is that I am using Google Sites to host the websites and Google has started requiring "domain verification". That is, to verify that you do own that domain in order for the site to accept HTTP requests for that domain name. To do that, I have to add an TXT resource record to the zone. This can be done with Pair NIC but then it won't allow email forwarding anymore (technically there is no reason why both can't be done at the same time but it is the way the Pair NIC admin tool works). It means that I can no longer have email addresses like forwarding emails to my Gmail account. Therefore, I have to choose between website branding ( or email branding (

An added benefit is that GoDaddy's email forwarding won't cause any delay like Pair NIC. Pair NIC artificially returns an error to an "unfamiliar" source SMTP server to make sure it is not sending spam. That will cause a delay of 10-20 minutes for that server to retry. GoDaddy doesn't have such a stupid feature. After all, Gmail is doing spam filtering, please just forward the damned mails. Worse yet, that "feature" of Pair NIC is not found anywhere and not mentioned before users making purchases.

In fact, I also found that GoDaddy's admin tool and management functionality is more powerful than that of Pair NIC. It also enjoys better support from Google Sites in terms of auto domain verification. GoDaddy is also cheaper, even though I am happy to pay more as Pair NIC is environmentally friendly and bearing the 100% renewable energy logo.