Sunday, October 4, 2009

Javablackbelt a rip off?

I always thought that javablackbelt was a non-profit community, but actually it is not. It is actually selling the questions people submit for profit! I think this is ethnically not right:

  1. It always advertises as a community, but actually it is a for-profit company.
  2. It calls the license copyleft, but actually it is not Gnu copyleft. It explicitly grants itself the right to sell the questions.
  3. It should highlight this term. Currently there is no obvious license displayed when people try to submit a question.
  4. This is unlike RedHat making money from open source software because that software is licensed by the authors to be freely available for anyone, so RedHat has to provide its own added value. If javablackbelt is going to sell the questions, they should share the profits with the authors.